RBSM Symposium

RBSM Symposium

From Pictures to Numbers: Workshop on Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy

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Fluorescence microscopy has become an indispensable tool to interrogate biological systems at the cellular and molecular level. While historically mostly used in a qualitative manner, rapid advances in labelling methods, microscope automation and camera and computer technology have made it easier to extract meaningful quantitative data from microscopy images. This transition of microscopy into a more quantitative technique brings significant scientific benefits in the form of new applications and improved performance and reproducibility. However, the multidisciplinary character also steepens the learning curve for the non-expert. The aim of this course is to lower the threshold for young and experienced researchers by providing an overview of different flavours of quantitative fluorescence microscopy techniques including live cell imaging, imaging of molecular dynamics and high-content microscopy. To this end, theoretical lectures will be complemented by hands-on sessions so as to provide in-depth practical knowledge.


Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of current light microscopy techniques
  • Know to select the appropriate microscopy tool for a given biological question
  • Know how to acquire images in a quantitative manner
  • Be able to perform basic image processing and annotation operations

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